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Lusting over patina? Drooling over barn finds? Whatever you’re into, we have the event for you :)

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Dust Rust Lust


About: The name Dust Rust Lust describes the holy grail of classic cars, the ‘Barn Find’. When those doors open and in the darkness there's a car covered in years of debris and decay, but you see the potential of a car that could be restored. The excitement of this rare occasion seals that car in your heart.

Dust rust lust celebrates our passion for car culture. We love all cars, rusty or restored, classic or future classic, historic or cutting edge. All fuel types welcome. Design, photography and art and all that good stuff come along in this package. We are here to help you see cars that you've always wanted to see, and feel that Dust Rust Lust moment. So lets get out there and start searching…

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Here at Dust Rust Lust, the UK based team is made up of automotive designers, engineers, photographers and mechanically minded people. We all work with cars in one way or another. We love cars and we try to attend a wide selection of events throughout the year all over the world, yet we still seem to miss events that we didn’t know about.

We get that ‘‘fear of missing out’’ (FOMO) feeling all too often when looking at your great photos on social media. There are some cars that we need to see in the flesh, not just online. Its an amazing feeling to see your dream car for the first time.

We decided we wanted to help everyone see the cars they dream of. Sometimes they are actually a lot closer than you think. We also wanted to know what’s on in other countries so we can plan vacations around great events, or find cars that never sold in our home market. Sounds great doesn’t it.

That’s where you come in….Lets fix car FOMO and tell us about events you know about. Get in touch. We also plan to share your great photos so if you have been to a great event, been on a roadtrip everyone should know about we’ll share your story.