2 November 2019 - Regent Street Motor Show - UK

2 November 2019 - Regent Street Motor Show - UK


Regent Street Motor Show - London

  • Date: 2 November 2019   

  • Event Description: The Regent Street Motor Show is a showcase of 125 years of motoring including veteran, vintage, classic, and modern-day cars. There’s something for everyone with lots of things to see and do including interactive displays and entertainment throughout the day from 10.30am until 4pm. The family friendly environment has the Street pedestrianised from Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Circus. The usual shopping appeal of Regent Street with a great opportunity for some early Christmas shopping too.

  • Car Type: All Classics

  • Price: Free Event

  • Times: 10:30am–4pm

  • Location: Regent Street, London.

  • Area: London Region: London

  • Organisation: Regent Street Motor Show


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